His Excellency Ambassador Jaafar Ra’ed

H.E. Ambassador Jaafar A. Ra’ed (1918-1994) was a career diplomat in the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the reign of the Shah.

Ambassador Ra’ed’s career reflected his deep interest in the history, culture and politics of Iran’s Arab neighbours. He served throughout the Middle East, including Iraq, Syria and Jordan, culminating in his appointment as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1972 to 1979. Saudi Arabia, with its dominant position as an oil producer, it’s leading role in the Arab world, and site of two of the holiest cities in Islam, was one of the most critical postings in the Iranian diplomatic service. Ambassador Ra’ed’s long tenure in this post reflected the deep expertise he possessed.

He was a fluent and graceful writer in both Farsi and Arabic, and a highly respected scholar and author. During his career, he was a regular contributor to Farsi and Arabic newspapers, including Asharq Al Awsat and was often a guest commentator on radio and television, and was a member of many Farsi and Arab literary societies.