The Centre for Iranian and Arab Studies

The Centre for Iranian and Arab Studies was founded in 1980 by former Iranian diplomat, Ambassador Jaafar Ra’ed. CIAS is a London-based research institution that gathers and analyses information on the Middle East, with a special emphasis on Iran. CIAS also participates in seminars regarding Iran.

CIAS has a broad range of contacts in the region, particularly in Iran. In addition, CIAS utilises specialists who are native speakers with broad experience in analyses and interpretation of regional events. With this combination of information, often of the most sensitive nature, and its expertise, the Centre provides a broad range of confidential reports for its private clients, publishes the Arabic language Al-Moujez-an-Iran (Iran Briefing) monthly, and a range of special interest reports.

The Centre is a wholly independent institute. Because of this independence, CIAS’ publications and reports are factual and unbiased, providing timely and accurate reporting and precise analysis.

Al-Moujez-an-Iran (Iran Briefing)

Al-Moujez-an-Iran (Iran Briefing) is a 20 page monthly newsletter published as an electronic PDF file containing news of the latest developments in the Islamic Republic of Iran, including political, military and religious issues, and a profile of a significant Iranian personality.
CIAS Special Reports and Consultancy

CIAS also prepares specialised reports tailored to the specific needs of clients, and has consulted on topics pertaining to Iran and to the Middle East. If you are interested in such services, please contact usand describe your requirements. We will advise you of our resources that may be helpful to you.

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